Climbing in Cuba

Cuba has developed several climbing areas where routes have been equipped, there is great potential in other places where there is a rock but have not yet opened up new avenues. The climbing community in Cuba invites you to enjoy the areas that have already been developed or if you wish, you become a sports leader in our country and participate in the plans for equipping new routes throughout the country. 

Below you will find areas that have already been developed (from the west to the east of Cuba), with relevant sectors and some brief information.


Viñales, Pinar del Río

ensenada-raul-vinalesEnsenada de Raúl

One of the most popular is undoubtedly the Ensenada de Raúl it is less than 1 km from the center of Viñales and has routes ranging from 6 º -7 º. 

pared-campismo-dos-hermanasCampismo Dos Hermanas

The Campismo Dos Hermanas area is a very convenient zone, is located about 3 km from the center of Viñales and a few meters from the popular "Mural of Prehistory." In the field of camping are difficult routes from 5 to 7a. 




la-costaneraLa Costanera

It is likely that the waterfront has been the first sector in qu climbing in Cuba, here you can enjoy world-class routes and a wide range of difficulties.



Dopico Sector is a wonderful resource for those who want to vary the style a little because here you will find climbing vertical walls and semi-collapsed with large blunt.

Time in Cuba

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